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In 1997, based on Qinhuangdao, the company produced Japanese Alice pet mattresses and artificial leather series products, and produced camera kits for Japanese Fuji, Ricoh, Canon and other customers.


In 2002, he went to Japan for investigation and research. After returning to China, he formally entered the pet products industry, specializing in the production of Cat trees.


In 2003, a Sino-Japanese joint venture established Qinhuangdao Qingquan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. and established a pet supplies base. The company's military training established a corporate culture.


In 2005, the groundbreaking ceremony of Tianjin Baodi Factory was grandly held.


In 2006, the company headquarters officially moved from Qinhuangdao to Tianjin Baodi, becoming the first company specializing in the production of Cat trees for pet products. The products are sold all over the world, with a market share of 45% in Japan. The top 7 of Rakuten's website are our products, and it has become a best-selling product in the market for 8 consecutive years; it ranks first in the market share of cat crawlers in Korea ; Europe’s largest pet supplies seller, LIDL, sells all Qingquan products; the top five cat crawlers on Amazon in the US market are all our products. Our products and cross-border e-commerce marketing model have laid a solid foundation for the company's development.


After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the company immediately organized all employees to raise funds to bring Qingquan's care and warmth to the disaster-stricken area, demonstrating the sense of social responsibility of Qingquan people.


In 2009, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and obtained the golden key to open the international market and the domestic market pass. It also represents that Qingquan has embarked on a modern enterprise management model.


In 2010, the Beijing branch was established to expand the scope of business coverage to a larger stage both at home and abroad.


In 2012, on the occasion of the company's tenth anniversary, it will enter the development stage in an all-round way. With the gradual maturity of the cross-border e-commerce environment, the company will build a modern logistics and warehousing center of 4000 square meters to realize the e-commerce model of centralized stocking and flexible shipment. We gradually opened up domestic and international sales channels, opened the company's further development model for cross-border e-commerce, achieved the company's first two five-year plan goals, and became the industry benchmark and industry leader.


In 2013, it passed the European BSCI social responsibility audit and obtained a pass to the European supermarkets.


In 2014, the company quickly entered the public eye. In July, was selected by German TV 1 as a model of Chinese companies going global, and was selected and broadcasted on German TV 1; in September, was selected as a representative of Alibaba's cross-border e-commerce and sent to the Central Propaganda Department for record; November, As a representative of a cross-border e-commerce development enterprise, he reported separately on the CCTV News Channel and 4 sets of Central Television.


In 2017, the company was officially listed on the New OTC Market and became a public company. Our development goal is more clear, and strive to become the industry standard of China's Cat tree and the first brand of international Cat tree. The company will continue to develop in-depth in the pet supplies industry, devote itself to the field of pet medical and pet food, uphold the public's recognition of the Qingquan brand, and our business philosophy of absolute integrity, to create a truly assured pet hospital and pet food.


In 2020, in the face of the epidemic, Qingquan people actively responded to the call of the party and the state, resolutely combated the epidemic, took the lead in passing the inspection of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters, and became the first enterprise to resume work and resume production in Tianjin Baodi Economic and Technological Development Zone. The company scientifically arranges the production plan of its main products, and at the same time makes every effort to produce epidemic prevention materials to help epidemic prevention and control. It donated 150,000 yuan worth of epidemic prevention material masks to the corresponding poverty alleviation counties in Baodi District,and 100,000 yuan in cash. Qingquan's many measures to respond to the epidemic have been related to the local government. Highly appraised and praised by the department.

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